Gabriel Mann and Stuart Pepper
Gabriel Mann and Stuart Pepper

The Coverup

Personal injury attorney Stuart Pepper faces the challenge of his young career when he takes on a controversial case of wrongful death in small town Iowa. Kevin Thacker’s body was found in the alley outside the Marshalltown Police Department after the young man was arrested for drunk driving. The arresting office’s story is highly suspicious and everyone involved, from the investigating detective to the FBI, appear to be aiding in covering up what actually happened that fateful night. With a promise made to the Thacker family to expose the truth, Pepper dives head first into an uphill battle against lies and corruption. What transpires will change this lawyer’s life forever.

Stuart and Alyssa
Stuart Pepper and Alyssa Bernier

Royal Face Off

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"Smart, sassy and persistent high school teen Diana Arnold is learning about the role of the Royal Family. That same day, her dad Matt is purchasing some gold coins as an investment. At dinner that night, the two discover they both learned the Queen has her face on currency and coins all over the world. Neither can understand why that is. While studying great heroes in history, Diana is given an assignment to come up with a cause and plan which would make a positive difference in the world. Her cause becomes the removal of the Queen's face from currency around the world. People associated with the Royal Family don't like it one bit, and want it stopped, NOW! One thing leads to another and Diana ends up face to face with the Queen herself. The outcome is a surprise no one expected (from"